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Rīga, Āgenskalns, Daugavgrīvas iela

The Z-Towers complex is a combination of two seemingly incompatible things. On the one hand, apartment owners have a view over Riga: ancient, yet ever young, with its historical center and life that never stops for a minute. On the other hand, comfort and quiet life in the countryside. When certain weather conditions occur, the residents of the complex can "try on" feeling "flying in the clouds" and "dance with snowflakes." That is what makes it truly unique. For optimal convenience and comfort of the complex tenants, our concierge service will be available 24 hours, where you can solve all questions related to accommodation and provision of all necessary at any time (24/7). The lobby is a unique and vital part of this project. It is located in the bottom part of the multifunctional complex and links the two towers in a similar way to a podium. Any issues relating to accommodation and all the necessary conveniences (arranging a car, booking a table at a restaurant, sending clothes for dry-cleaning, etc.) can be resolved at any time (24/7).
In the main part of the complex, there is of SPA centre, designed by the famous Austrian brand Schletterer, which is well-known all over the world for its medical focus. Schletterer is a pioneer in this area, and still provides services of the highest quality, based on innovations and an individual approach to clients. The area of the SPA is 4000 m2.
The spacious parking will allow for very convenient approach schemes to be established that do not obstruct the children’s and adults’ leisure in the adjacent protected territory. The planting was carried out, observing the best traditions of Latvian gardening culture based on the long-term experience of specialists from the Botanical Garden under the guidance of the University of Latvia. The rarest types of plants can be found here, which have been brought from all over the world and adapted to Latvian weather conditions.
Situated under the building, occupying four storeys, built for 700 cars, including guest parking. The construction of the parking structure, a technically complex project, was carried out by the Austrian company Strabag, which has an impeccable reputation throughout the world in the construction of similar structures. Wide designed and easy routes allow even inexperienced drivers to navigate safely. Dedicated parking spots are provided for motorcycles. Apartment owners are aided in navigation by special signs in the shape of animals – each area has its own animal. A car wash is available. There are special storage spaces available in the parking structure for items such as sports equipment or a bicycle, which take up a lot of space in the apartment.

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Available apartments
FloorApartment No.BedroomsLiving area m2StatusRent, month/EUR
5501167,80Pilnībā aprīkots 1 729
5502studio40,40Pilnībā aprīkots1 031
5503277,70Pilnībā aprīkots1 982
5504studio38,90Tikai iebūvētās mēbeles1 042
5505158,70Pilnībā aprīkots1 573
5506160,10Tikai iebūvētās mēbeles1 610
55073101,60Pilnībā aprīkots2 983
5508studio37,30Tikai iebūvētās mēbeles1 095
5509236,00Pilnībā aprīkots1 011
9901167,90Pilnībā aprīkots Reserved
9902studio40,50Pilnībā aprīkots1 085
9903277,70Pilnībā aprīkots2 082
9904studio38,70Pilnībā aprīkots1 092
9905158,36Pilnībā aprīkots1 646
9906259,90Pilnībā aprīkots1 682
9907151,00Pilnībā aprīkots1 432
9908150,20Pilnībā aprīkots1 474
9909275,20Pilnībā aprīkots2 208
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