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Philosofers Residence

Rīga, Āgenskalns, Raņķa dambis

The Philosophers’ Residence – it is a tribute to future residents, each of them following their own path, their own life philosophy, their own choice, and the main task for developers of the project – to create an environment that encourages its resident to stay on his chosen path, helping him to reveal new opportunities in search of new ideas and goals. Each element of the quarter is created for residents to pursue their life philosophy.
The Philosophers’ Residence is created for those who hold safety philosophy close to their hearts, inspiring to find peace and proper relaxation, for those who choose an active way of life in the Business Capital without prejudice that such city can bring on.

A library full of books in Residence’s hall, a basketball court, terraces for Ping-Pong and Novus tables, 2 children’s playgrounds, a place for meditative relaxation with a view on the Philosophers’ Alley and shores of the ancient Daugava, and no cars inside the territory – this residence of modern philosophers will reflect the spirit of times. Located in the centre of Metropolis on vast landscaped Philosophers’ Residence terraces, its residents can dedicate themselves to thoughts and contemplations on the most spectacular Old Town landscapes of church broach spires and Riga Castle. From three viewpoints appears river Daugava beneath the Vanšu Bridge crossing it, low-rise Ķīpsala and Pārdaugava with its miniature houses sinking into green gardens, the future “City” of the capital of Latvia with its first high-rise Saules Akmens, and Ztowers.
An active, productive life and appropriate relaxation – two aspects of life which should be retained in harmony, therefore the environment of the project is of a particular significance. Being deferential to the most beautiful views that historically appeared on the Philosophers’ Alley, we erect the building 12 metres above the ground. The Philosophers’ Residence as though floats above the ground, offering a view on the timeless nature.

In memory of water reservoirs that used to were situated in the neighbouring territories, we will create an artificial pond in the centre of the landscaped garden.

Territory of the project will be made as a recreation area for its residents. Territory will not be available for motor vehicles, as separate underground parking lot will be created. Alley of 300-year-old oaks, through which the nationalists of the 18th century loved to walk, is titled in their honour – the Philosophers’ Alley, and will be carefully preserved and maintained.

Primary benefit of the Philosophers’ Residence – views from windows, spacious balconies and landscaped terraces for undisturbed thoughts and contemplations on timeless values…

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Evita Pudane

Baltic Sotheby's International Realty
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FloorApartment Nr.BedroomsLiving area m2Balcony 1 m2Balcony 2 m2Price EUR
6A1137,62-- Reserved
6A2272,7613,683,99180 325
6A3273,2013,595,59170 547
6A4290,916,6912,27220 858
7A5137,91--100 462
7A6273,7013,453,88 Reserved
7A7274,195,4613,39180 608
7A8391,356,6912,27 Reserved
8A9138,57-- Reserved
8A10273,9313,683,99 Reserved
8A11274,385,5913,59180 574
8A12389,856,6912,27 Reserved
9A13261,8511,53-189 322
9A14274,149,497,43210 630
9A15274,6724,48-187 196
9A16266,4117,06-191 097
10A17262,2511,53-219 688
10A18274,349,497,43 Reserved
10A19274,8724,44-204 221
10A20266,6617,06-238 127
11A21138,77--132 787
11A22274,5222,91-235 379
11A23275,068,899,36215 514
11A24389,9112,076,54322 449
12A25138,87--135 462
12A26274,7722,91-243 512
12A27275,398,899,36224 387
12A28390,1412,076,54328 169
13A29138,97--137 564
13A30274,793,8813,47251 230
13A31275,435,4613,47242 800
13A32390,3412,076,54 Reserved
14A33262,7423,48- Reserved
14A34275,0414,644,91276 497
14A35275,436,9514,64244 575
14A36267,5424,22-269 562
15A374144,1911,6019,72 Reserved
15A38394,6632,51-358 689
15A39279,8634,61-265 050
16A404144,1911,6011,41561 882
16A41394,7432,51 Reserved
16A42279,9234,61283 516
17A43274,8519,87- Reserved
17A44279,3713,2811,34 Reserved
17A45279,9734,60-301 961
17A46278,6511,61-329 375
18A474144,8019,8611,61636 689
18A48395,0513,2811,34392 375
18A49280,3113,4413,28312 258
19A504144,9619,8611,61668 435
19A51395,1132,51-423 787
19A52279,9813,4413,28328 881
20A534152,8511,7420,13751 977
20A54399,3932,51-473 975
20A55283,9634,61-381 987
21/22/23A564159,1511,6056,90964 512
21/22/23A574163,4832,5057947 252
21/22/23A584164,0634,6059,10917 832
21/22/23A594157,3519,9056,6969 052
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