Rental / Sales Associate

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Evita has acquired professional higher education in Latvian School of Banking in banking speciality as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration in Riga International School of Economics and Business. Evita has worked in in the banking sector for more than 10 years in positions close to the branch of the real estate. Work in the real estate has been chosen with purpose, so Evita does her job with responsibility and joy. Evita is a real estate sales and rental consultant who regularly follows market trends in the region and is familiar with market characteristics, but is considered to be an expert in the neighborhood of Bierini and Marupe. If you want to sell your property, feel free to contact Evita - she will help you find buyers at the maximum possible price, arrange all of the needed documents, and advise you on the necessary preparations, both for selling and buying property. If you want to buy or sell an apartment or house in Marupe, Bierini or anywhere else in Riga - Evita is the right specialist to help you to do it quickly and with quality!